Christian Education at Brown Avenue Missionary Baptist Church
It's just for children! How wrong can one be if you are thinking in terms of age.  But yes, if you are
thinking of children of God.

It's just for "New" members!  How wrong can one be.

It's just for those who need and want to learn what the Bible says and for those who want to
improve their lives.  Now this is true!

Brown Avenue has structured its Sunday School classes for all ages.  Members that enjoy going to
"Early" service, what better way is there than to attend Sunday school.

You get your music, prayer, welcome, the opportunity to give offering, and most importantly the
Word of God - all within one hour from 9:30 am until 10:30 am each Sunday morning.

There are four Superintendents that make up this department:  Sis. Lynn Rice, Rev. Deon Weems,
Bro. Lewis Temple, III and Sis. Barbara Smith.  Three times within the year one of these individuals
will serve as Superintendent.

As for classes we have:
  •        Primary (Ages 2 -7):  Sis. Carol Maddox and Sis. Sylethia Bryant
  •        Adolescent (Ages 8 -12):  Sis. Michell Temple
  •        Teen Young Ladies (Ages 13 -18):  Sis. Barbara Smith
  •        Teen Young Men (Ages 13 -18): Bro. Lewis Temple, III and Deacon Anthony Stroud
  •        Adults (Ages 19 - greater):  Sis. Lynn Rice and selected members

Come join us!  Believe me, it's not the Sunday School you may remember!