Brown Avenue Missionary Baptist church
Pastor's Corner
On November 15, 1974, Robert Rice, Jr., an ordained minister, was called to pastor at
Brown Avenue Missionary Baptist Church.  He came equipped with his Bible and the full
armor of God.  From beginning to present, he has matured in wisdom and patience while
being lead by the Holy Spirit.  
Brown Avenue's motto, “We Are For God’s Business,” is evident in his Sunday morning
sermons, his concern for the youth of the church and the time he devotes to the Bible
study of the youth and adults.
The Lord has blessed Rev. Dr. Rice with a loving and devoted spouse of fifty-one years.  
He has the strong and loyal support of four children and eight grandchildren.
Since retiring from Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA), Dr. Rice has
devoted full time to pastoring the Brown Avenue Missionary Baptist Church family and is
active in the Southeast Atlanta community, serving wherever and whenever the Lord
leads, guides and directs him.
The Brown Avenue family has accomplished many goals under Dr. Rice’s leadership and

1.        Installation of central heat and air
2.        Upgrade of the sound system
3.        Installation of a security system
4.        Renovation of the choir stand, kitchen and bathrooms in the basement of the
5.        Renovation and dedication of the Church Annex
6.        Purchase of several properties
7.        Initiated successful Bible study for youth and adults
8.        Coordinated Summer programs for the youth of the church and the community
9.        Taping of morning services and special occasions

Praise God for Pastor Rice and all that we have accomplished.  Brown Avenue Missionary
Baptist Church family is blessed to have this man of God.  He is a living witness of God’s
teachings and blessings.