Ushers at Brown Avenue Missionary Baptist Church
Come one, Come All

I was glad when they said unto me let us go into the house of the Lord (Psalm 122:1)

Ushers work closely with the Pastor and congregation.

Our Ushers give a genuine smile which says to a church visitor or regular member, "I'm glad I came
today, aren't you?"

Our Ushers recognize that friendly hands shake and a word of welcome cheers the heart of any

Ushers are identified by uniforms and Usher pins.  All Ushers are on alert and must watch each
other.  Our eyes are never closed during prayer because we are still policing the area.  Although
our eyes are not closed, we still pray and meditate.

1st Sunday - Senior Ushers

2nd Sunday - Senior Ushers

3rd Sunday - Junior Ushers

4th Sunday - Senior Ushers

5th Sunday - Senior and Junior Ushers (volunteers)

How is an Usher like salt, a city on a hill, and a lamp stand?

Read Matthew 5:13-16.