Brown Avenue Missionary Baptist Church - History
(1942 - 2010) - 68 Years

A Dream and a vision of the late Reverend and Sister R. H. Milner originated from Mount Pleasant Baptist
Church - to the home of the late Deacon and Sister Sam Cash of 109 Brown Avenue S. E. There a church
was born. After a few temporary locations in this community, Brown Avenue Missionary Baptist Church was
erected on its present site in 1942. Faith, Hope and Charity made that dream a reality. The Faith, Hope and
Charity of the original pioneers helped to bring this dream to fruition. Perseverance pays when conviction is
injected into any cause with the spirit of the Master as the center of our goals.
Brown Avenue is a self-sustained, self-supported church.  Those who loved the Lord gave of their talents and
money toward this effort. Brown Avenue was founded, built and established among other churches in the
Under the capable leadership of its founder, this building has sustained over the years.  The late Reverend R.
H. Milner, who was called from labor to rest in May 1974, left an impressive legacy - 32 years of faithful

Reverend Dr. Robert Rice, Jr., became the second Pastor of Brown Avenue on November 15, 1974. He has
been blessed to continue the unfinished works of the church founder. The church has also been blessed with
an annex building, additional property for parking and some portions of the main sanctuary have been
renovated; membership has increased and fellowship between other churches in and out of the state has
developed. The church has been blessed to maintain its credibility of being self-supported. These are some
of the works and blessings the Lord has added in the thirty-four years of its present Pastor's leadership with its

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